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Franklin’s Downtown Neighborhood Association

In the Spring of 1997, a handful of Franklin’s downtown residents, witnessing the rapid growth in Franklin’s population, created an organization for the purpose of developing better relationships with neighbors and providing a platform for advocacy. The first boundaries included the original 15-block downtown area. Those early leaders included Ernie Bacon, Barry Howard, Margaret Martin, Beverly Roberts, Dan Klatt, Rudy and Peter Jordan.

In 1998 the membership was polled and a list of priorities was presented to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

In 2008 the boundaries of the Downtown Neighborhood Association were extended to include Hincheyville.

In 2009 the DNA established the Outstanding Public Service Award.

In 2011 all homes in the historic overlay districts were included.

The goal of the DNA was the same in 1997 as it is today. The DNA strives to provide a platform for for advocacy while building better neighbors and stronger neighborhoods.